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Your Event is Unique.   Your Caterer Should be too!
The food served at your meeting or event is more than just a meal; it must instill in your guests the nature of the event. Scientific studies show certain foods trigger certain moods & brain wave responses. 
With this in mind, Aneu Catering & Events is aware of how certain foods effect mood and thought process, ensuring your guests are “in tune” with your event and the message you may be trying to convey through your event.
For corporate events, lunches or meetings, you want your attendees to be alert, attentive, and able to retain and apply the information conveyed. 

The Food You Serve CAN Make or Break Your Event!


At Aneu Catering & Events, we apply this scientific logic to the planning of every private or corporate event we are involved with, taking the food & dining part of your party or event to the next level. Our unique approach ensures your experience is a complete success from a catering perspective.
Aneu Catering & Events makes planning the menu as easy as a click of your mouse or dialing the phone. Use our convenient ordering process (see below), or call us for a free consultation and to place your order for an exciting, successful event! 
Your attendees are sure to notice your caterer went above and beyond in the event planning applied to your menu. Keep this in mind the next time you are faced with the task of hiring a catering company.

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